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Kako Nov! Unikaten Samsung Galaxy A Quantum 5G Prism Cube Blue ( svetlo sina boja preliva ) 8GB RAM 128Gb Memorija

Telefonot raboti na site SIM karticki ( No sim restrictions)

Se raboti za redok model koj sto e prv vo svetot so specijalen processor so Quantum tehnologoja izrabotena vo sorabotka so Swiss Quantum za najgolema bezbednost vgraden quanten generator na random broevi itn.

Inaku telefonot ima 6.7 inci Super Amoled ekran, 4 zadni kameri od koi glavnata e so 64mp + 12Mp + 5mp + 5Mp i Selfie kamera od 32Mp

Ram memorijata e 8Gb a vgradena memorija poseduva 128GB kako i baterija od 4500mAh

Telefonot e donesen od Korea Telekom

Doagja so original polnac i USB kabel

Quantum Security:

QRNG Technology: Built-in Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG) provides the highest level of encryption for your calls, messages, and data. Unhackable randomness, always.

Defense Grade Protection:

Samsung Knox platform with hardware-backed security safeguards your device from malware, intrusions, and even physical tampering.

Secure Communication:

Quantum-powered encryption ensures your most sensitive conversations and transactions remain confidential, even on public Wi-Fi.

Enhanced Security:

The QRNG in the Samsung Galaxy A Quantum enhances the security of the device by providing a more secure foundation for cryptographic functions. This includes securing transactions and sensitive information, which is especially important in a world where digital security is paramount.

Application in Mobile Technology:

Including a QRNG in a smartphone is a relatively new and innovative application of quantum technology. It indicates a step towards more secure and advanced mobile devices, offering an additional layer of security compared to conventional smartphones

Kako Nov! Samsung Galaxy A Quantum 5G 8GB RAM 128Gb Swiss Quantum Security

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